Wholesale Dealer Request Application

All new wholesale customers MUST have a physical retail store front location or distribution warehouse center with the sole intention of reselling our products. We do NOT sell to retail customers or businesses who intend to use our products for themselves and not resell them.

You will receive an e-mail notifying you of your approval status with your new account login information. This could take from 2 - 10 business days. You will not see pricing or be able to order until you are approved.

Please provide your credit references in order to receive credit terms with us. Otherwise your for of payment method will default to Credit Card.

Terms: NET 30

A FINANCE CHARGE of 2% per month (APR 1.5%) will be added to all outstanding
amounts after 30 days from date of invoice.

If this account is referred to a third party collection agency all associated
collection cost will be paid by you, the customer.

Company Reference #1

Company Reference #2

Company Reference #3